MekoneCampus, Bellevue WA - section 501(c)(3)

MekoneCampus has a center in Moundou with the following activities

  • Support classes in English, Mathematics, Business and IT
  • Conferences and workshops on Education-Employment topics
  • Local talents (music, comedy, entrepreneur) detection and promotion

MekoneCampus has the following local resources

  • A building with 1 conference room, 1 meeting room, 1 office, 1 reception
  • 1 general manager, 10 volunteers, 2 security guards
  • Basic equipment like chairs, tables, electricity, dish for TV

Our achievements so far

  • in partnership with local newspapers in Chad
  • International and local newspapers available on Campus every week
  • Continous help to Chadian students across the world building their resume

Contact : Bellevue WA, Toll-Free : 1 (844) MEKONEC (635-6632) Email :

Facebook : MekoneCampus Opportunities for all

Twitter : mekone_campus

YouTube : MekoneCampus

Facebook channel : MCTV

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