Technologie : IT Interview Feedback: Candidates, let it go!

After a thank you email to the hiring manager (if you have her contact) and an email or voicemail to the recruiter to tell her your side of the interview story, you may think: “I will get a feedback soon, good or bad”. Not really, a lot of recruiters will never get back to you. Obviously, that means you did not get the job. When you are not used to that way of doing business, you will be quite frustrated. Follow my tips here, from the guy who, while pretending to take a nap, let one eye open to surveil his inbox for job related incoming emails. par MékonéCampus, le 12/13/2017 5:49:56 AM


Before you go to the interview, you and the recruiter are like great buddies. Why? Maybe because the hiring manager agreed to talk to you because you have a great resume. Good chat, scheduling, preps and tips, everything is like fish in the water. You attend that interview. If you get into the good habit of sending a thank you email, you did it. Then you call or email the recruiter since she is the one to deliver to you the good or bad news. Now, it depends on the context. Usually IT shops will quickly let you know they want to hire you.
If you are getting no reply or call from the recruiter, assume you did not get the job. A lot of recruiter will not get back to you. They have their reasons but likely you are not the guy that is helping them advance their headcount business. However, you will be surprised to receive an email from that same recruiter that did not get back to you asking for your updated resume. Quite surprising, han! What about the previous interview? You may ask and not get an answer. Mysteryyyyyyy! Think about it this way: you are a very qualified guy, not even looking for a job. What do you when you receive emails from recruiters, you don’t bother even opening them. Similar.
You need to assess yourself the interviews you attend so you know if you did good, bad or ok. Send the thank you email to the parties you know their contact and continue to apply for other jobs. After all, it’s not a bad thing to go to many interviews and get many offers. Just remember, no feedback = no job.

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